SHIPPING - No shipping available at this time

May be subject to change without notice.

If your state is not listed, we are not allowed to ship directly to consumers. 


State Shipping Information

Alaska  *A Reasonable Quantity – FedEx Only

California  No Volume Limits

Colorado   No Volume Limits

Connecticut  *(LSL0001092) 2 cases / Individual / 62-Days

District of Columbia  1 case / Individual / Month

Florida *No Volume Limits – Btl cannot exceed 3L

Georgia  12 cases / Household / Year

Hawaii  6 cases / Household / Year – Residential Delivery Only

Idaho  24 cases / Individual / Year

Illinois  12 cases / Individual / Year

Iowa  No Volume Limits

Kansa  s12 cases / Household / Year

Maine  12 cases / Household / Year – 750mL Min Bottle Size

Maryland  18 cases / Household / Year

Massachusetts  12 cases / Individual / Year

Michigan  No Volume Limits

Minnesota  2 cases / Individual / Year

Missouri  2 cases / Individual / Month

Montana  18 cases / Individual / 365 Days – FedEx Only

Nebraska  1 case / Individual / Month

Nevada1  2 cases / Individual / Year

New Hampshire  *12 cases / Individual / Year

New Mexico  2 cases / Individual / Month

New York  36 cases / Individual / Year

North Carolina  2 cases / Individual / Month

North Dakota  3 cases / Individual / Month – FedEx Only

Oregon  2 cases / Individual / Month

Pennsylvania  36 cases / Individual / Year

South Carolina  2 cases / Individual / Month

Tennessee  1 case / Individual / Month – 3 cases Max / Year

Texas  3.75 cases / Individual / Month – 15 cases Max / Year

Vermont  12 cases / Individual / Year – FedEx Only

Virginia  2 cases / Individual / Month

Washington  (#602047187) No Volume Limits

West Virginia  *2 cases / Individual / Month

Wisconsin  12 cases / Individual / Year

Wyoming  2 cases / Household / Year

*Wine shipments prohibited in certain areas

1 case=12 x 750 mL bottles

All orders must be placed by persons at least 21 years of age. Age verification is required upon delivery. Wine cannot be delivered to visibly intoxicated persons or those who are unable to provide age verification. In such circumstances, your order may be held at the shipping company’s local depot or shipped back to the Winery. Customer is responsible for all associated costs.

We ask that you please pick up your wine within 3 months of its release.  We are unable to store your wine shipments for any longer than this.   If your wine is not picked up within this 3 month time-frame, it will be automatically shipped to the address we have on file for you.  Shipping and handling fees will also be charged to the credit card we have on file. Please contact us at, 916-370-9311 if you need to make other arrangements.

Temperatures across the country are near freezing in many regions.  We do not ship in temperatures that will compromise wine quality in any way.  Please know your order will arrive in sound condition when weather conditions allow shipping without issue, we will be in touch with you personally.

Packages destined for the East Coast may not arrive within the week and are likely to be held by shippers over the weekend for Monday delivery.  

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