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At Vannatta we respect the land which bears the fruit we love. As its stewards we take into account the impact of every viticultural and winemaking decision has on the ecosystem. Our estate grapes are grown organically, chemical free and we use re-cooped French Oak barrels. We make our own compost from pomace (seeds, stems, crushed grape skins) and other winemaking by-products, as well as  food scraps. We also return vine and tree prunnings to the ground as natural compost. Drip irrigation is used eliminating water wastefulness. We recycle glass, cardboard, paper and plastics and 90% of our shipping materials are recyclable. We send corks from opened bottles to ReCORK, whose partners use the reclaimed cork in products such as shoes, playground equipment and flooring. We understand that what is best for the Earth is ultimately best for our wines. With sustainable practices at the heart of our business, we hope to carry on this expression of responsibility to the environment so that the enjoyment of our wines continues for generations to come.                   

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