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Our Philosophy

"I am intrigued by the dependence of making a great wine on having to adapt to what nature gives; the soil, weather, the vines and the fruit. How giving careful attention to and respecting the cycle you come up with this multi-layered, complex, organic thing that is incredible and tells a story." Winemaker Steve Vannatta "And that is the most intimate and profound thing." Jamie Hawke

          At Vannatta Wine we specialize in European varietals that are hand-crafted, small-lot wines of limited production and exceptional quality. Comprised of our estate grapes and those selectively sourced from the finest of vineyards, we produce both single vineyard bottlings and inspired red blends.  Inspired by Rhone and  Bordeaux-style wines, we produce our New World wines using Old World, non-interventionist methods of winemaking. 






         Guided by the ethos of simplicity, we believe in tradition and the role of terrior. A miraculous wine is only achieved when the sun, the wind, the rain and temperature are all delivered in exact proportions; we allow the vineyard to tell a story of a particular place and time. At Vannatta Wine we minimize human intervention and avoid scientific techniques that may mask or distort the true expression of nature. We respect the characteristics of a particular vintage without trying to manipulate the result. Our Old World methods of winemaking include traditional methods such as: hand-picking our grapes, we are chemical-free, utilize gentler press and fermentation techniques and hand-punch down the caps during maceration. We practice gravity flow winemaking where there is no use of pumps or mechanical force enabling the wine to gently extract colour, flavour and tannin. This process allows for minimal oxidation and delicate handling of the wine. We do not use fining agents or filter our wine and allow our wines to clarify naturally siphoning from the top. We age our wine in re-cooped and renowned Taransaud Tonnellerie French Oak barrels. Our winemaking philosophy is Old World in style, however, given our California New World terrior, our wines flavor profiles are distinctly bigger, bolder and fruitier than their European counterparts. Our wines are meant to toast everyday occasions or accompany the most memorable celebrations with family and friends.
     Great wines are as rare as great paintings or great music. Yet unlike a painting or music, great wines only exist for that transient moment in which the cork gets pulled. It is our hope to bring a bit of the Old World to the New and we raise a glass to all of the wonderful wines made here at Vannatta Wine and all over the world that bring joy and inspiration with every vintage!

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